Our Story

Sunrise Acres and Spring Ledge Farm are the historic names of our property.  Today, we are known as Pine Ridge Acres.

 You will see our cattle and crops grow along picturesque fields in Falmouth and Cumberland, Maine.  Beginning in 2005, a local family stepped forward to steward these lands for future generations while helping to maintain our state’s agricultural heritage.  A big part of that comes from growing great food.  You can find our all natural and grass-fed beef, turkey, chickens, and eggs in the well-stocked, self-serve farm store. Our farm store also features other local meats including pork and lamb, local dairy, and many other Maine made products. We value the importance of supporting local agriculture and want our customers to be able to know where their food comes from.

In addition to our animals, during the summers we focus on land and crop management in our fields. We work in tandem with many local neighbors to help maintain and preserve their fields as well. Through these mutually beneficial relationships, we are able to diligently produce top quality hay that feeds our own animals year round as well as many nearby farms. In the fall we harvest the pumpkins, gourds and squash that we planted earlier in the summer. Pine Ridge Acres works hard to be a supportive member of the Maine farming community by providing our customers with a wide range of food and products that will feed their own families and allow their homes to grow.

To keep Maine farming, we need great customers.  That is where you come in.

How we farm

We’re proud of how we farm.  More to come.

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