Grass-Fed Beef

We pride ourselves in the fact that our beef is all-natural and grass-fed. We currently raise a mix of Angus, Devons, Charolais, Herefords, and Simmental cows. We provide our animals with access to nutrient rich grass and forage. During the summer, you will see them grazing happily on our pastures. In the winters, they are warm in the barn enjoying our high quality hay. We finish our animals with our best cuts of hay and alfalfa which creates the rich taste and texture well loved among our customers. You will never find growth hormones or antibiotics in the beef you consume. We believe that we can raise and provide healthy, well-finished animals without the need for undesirable intervention. In our farm store you will find a large selection of frozen cuts. Custom orders are available too, click here to contact us for more information.

All-Natural Poultry

We raise laying hens, broiler chickens and Thanksgiving turkeys at Pine Ridge Acres. During the spring and summer we raise Cornish broiler chickens. In our farm store they can be found as frozen whole chicken as well as wings, drumsticks, thighs, legs, breasts, and organs. In the fall we raise standard white turkeys for our Thanksgiving orders. We work tirelessly to monitor their growth each week and provide a well-rounded diet that delivers the very best poultry products to rave reviews!

Farm-Fresh Eggs

One of our biggest hits, and it isn’t hard to see why. We have around 300 Golden Comet laying hens at any one time, supplying us with plenty of beautiful, large eggs that are brought up to the farm store the same day they are laid. They seem to fly off the shelves just as fast as our birds can lay them. With beautiful, rich golden yolks, these gems are perfect for a filling farm breakfast or a sunny Sunday making homemade pasta. When we can’t keep up with demand, we’re proud to partner with our local farms to make sure we do everything we can to have stock ready for your culinary adventures.

Other Great Products

Honey? Milk? Bacon? Potato chips? Whoopie Pies? Pumpkins? Maple Syrup?

The Pine Ridge Acres Farm Store has dozens of great other products. We are always looking to add more options for our customers and provide other great products. We work with many other Maine and New England-based producers to bring you and your family something special. Maine businesses we are proud to work with include L.P. Bisson & Sons (Topsham), Maine Homestead (Lyman), Morse’s (Waldoboro), Robinson Family Maple (North Yarmouth), Forever Young Farm (Bowdoin), Conant Acres (Canton), Fox Family (Mapleton), Maine Sea Salt (Marshfield), Fredrikson Farm (China), Maine Buck Nuts (Scarborough), Bixby Chocolate (Rockland), Little Lads (Corinth), Fresh Pickins (Cape Elizabeth), Ledgeway Farm (Pittston), Choomi (Portland), Captain Mowatt’s (Portland), Wicked Whoopies (Gardiner), Slab (Portland) and countless others to make sure you can make a real Maine meal any time day or night.